LCL Program—Lesedi Club for Land

There are many benefits to owning a property. First, land ownership gives the owner peace of mind. As a long-term, tangible asset, raw land doesn’t wear out or depreciate, and no one can steal it from you if legally acquired. Thieves cannot break into it. It is a limited resource that is relatively inexpensive to own and requires little maintenance. Owning land in Kenya might be expensive for many Kenyans since around 35.5% of Kenya’s population lives below the poverty line, as reported in 2016.

The above means that over one-third of the country lives on less than the KES 200 daily. Under the LCL program, we will empower most Kenyans from within the borders or abroad to become landowners from as low as KES 10,000 per month with no limitation on building or developing the property. An investor can build and pay installments as low as KES 10,000 monthly, which could be an alternative to paying rent. You can access the registration form here,

You can now save and become a property owner.

There may be opportunities to reduce spending, cut back on certain expenses, and more that can help you save money. Not tracking your spending makes saving difficult because you don’t know where all your money is going. Better savings options help the poor build themselves up, make investments in their future, and make themselves less vulnerable to being knocked back down when emergencies occur.

As the real estate industry continues to boom in Kenya, many are looking to invest in property. There are several benefits of investing in land, as opposed to other properties. Real estate investments have lower risk than stock and forex trading. Indeed, land investment has the potential for great returns if done properly; thus, it has become a lucrative investment opportunity for many. However, land investment in Kenya is out of reach for many Kenyans, especially the younger group, despite the growing need to own land.

How LCL Works

LCL invites people with the same investment ideas to own land in Kenya, where we empower them to own land with as low as KSH 10,000 monthly, a similar approach to rent to own. We will provide LCL members with a plot ranging from KSH 200,000 to KSH 2,000,000 with a repayment plan of up to 36 months. All LCL members can choose from various projects in various growing regions in Kenya, including but not limited to Nairobi, Nakuru, Nanyuki, Kiambu, Muranga, and Machakos counties. We will allow members to develop their plots and even start building as they pay the balance in flexible payment terms of up to 36 months. This plan aims to empower Kenyans from all sectors of the economy and from different regions to become homeowners.

Payment Plans:

  • Plan 1: Raise KES 120,000 in 12 months.
  • Plan 2: Raise KES 120,000 in 6 months.
  • Plan 3: Raise KES 120,000 in 3 months.

You can now be a landowner in the following Nairobi, Nakuru, Kiambu, Kajiado, Muranga, Laikipia, and Machakos from as low as KES 10,000 monthly!


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