Why is Land the Best Investment To Ever Have in Kenya

When investing in real estate, most people think about homes or apartments. This is right; however, the most basic investment you can invest in is a piece of land. Land is a raw investment that allows you to start your investment from scratch and grow it in whatever style you like. Ask any landowner, and they will tell you land is the gold that has not yet been discovered by many.

Here are some reasons why you should consider investing in land.

  1. Land does not depreciate

Yes, you heard that right! A car depreciates the moment you buy it; however, land is one investment that keeps gaining value. Land does not depreciate because it can’t be destroyed or moved. So when investing in land, you are only guaranteed appreciation year after year.

  • It offers you plenty of options and versatility.

You can use your land for whatever use will fit your needs. For example

Commercial – Some land will be sold as commercial plots that you can develop later for rent or sell at an added value. It is also ideal for setting up a business should you plan to have one soon.

Residential – If you want to build yourself a home, then this land will give you the freedom to do so. You could also build apartments that are a considerable investment in our country or build houses to sell.

Agriculture – many landowners who invest in rural or sub-urban areas are attracted to agriculture. This will be ideal for those who want to retire in their own homes outside the city and enjoy life at the farm.

  • Land does not have much competition.

Even though buying land is in high demand, everyone is not looking for the same thing.  Many people are looking to buy land, but they are all looking for something different in size, shape, location, etc. You can never find stiff competition from a group looking for the same type of land.

Any or most types of land in Kenya are easily accessible to every buyer without the process of bidding with other competitors.

  • Land requires less maintenance.

Unlike other investments that require much work and time, land does not need any maintenance.

It acquires its value even without any fencing or any other maintenance done. You can buy land today, and it will have tripled in price in five years, even without adding anything. That’s the magic of land buying.

Finally, We can keep going on and on about these reasons

ause there are enough of them to convince you to buy land in Kenya as the best investment. It is the best investment for those who are not cut out for rigorous investment management or don’t have the time to manage them. 

At Lesedi Group, we have land spread across the country. Just name the place you want it, and we will make your dreams come true. We work with you to ensure you get the type of land you want from the beginning.

You can catch or follow us on all social media platforms as Lesedi Group or visit us at Thika Town, Thika Bazaar, 1st and 2nd Floor, or Nanyuki Assumption Center Monday to Friday from 8 am to 5 pm. Every Saturday, we are out for free land viewing. You can also join us to learn more!

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